AISB QUIZ SHOW – Landforms

As the fourth graders enter their last week of an inquiry how “Landforms change constantly, impacting the world around us”, I challenged the EAL students to put on a quiz show.  This proved to be an excellent formative assessment of what they know and what misconceptions need to still be addressed.

One quiz master was chosen (at random) and the remaining students were divided into two teams (again randomly).  The quiz master was asked to write an opening script and help organizing the two teams.  The teams were asked to come up with at least 10 questions each, to ask the opposing team.  It could be anything to do with landforms and Earth…anything they had studied during the past five weeks.

I provided two distinct sound makers and a ‘microphone’.  I filmed the entire show (from start to finish this was one 50-minute lesson), and was lucky enough to have an additional student step in for scoring half-way though.

Here is the edited version.  We hope you enjoy!

PASSWORD= landforms

AISB QUIZ SHOW – topic of the show: landforms from AISB EAL on Vimeo.


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