Launching Fairy Tales with Little Red Riding Hood

We have launched our new reading and writing units: Fairy Tales.  The students will read a variety of different fairy tales, compare versions of the same fairy tale and write their own fairy tale.  The units link nicely with our current unit of inquiry: What a Beautiful World!  Here the central idea is: People of all cultures express themselves though different art forms.  We will be reading a variety of fairy tales from all over the world, focusing on key characters, settings, magical elements, cultural elements and lessons learned.  The EAL students come to school knowing a lot of the stories from having read them in their own language.  Having so much background knowledge allows them to read texts that otherwise would be beyond their abilities.

In my EAL reading group, we will be focusing on a new story each time.  I decided to start with Little Red Riding Hood, as  all but one of the students knew the story.  I used Trina Schart Hyman’s book little red riding hoodfor a read aloud as the pictures are so detailed and there is lots of dialogue.  I had them sequence the story with pictures and in writing.  I then found some Little Red Riding Hood printable masks and they colored them, cut them and stuck them onto wooden sticks.  They decided amongst themselves who would play what character and then collaboratively we wrote the play.  I projected my screen and typed while they retold the story, including dialogue.  I printed the script, enlarged it and we read it through twice as a group and then they acted it out.  They only had to redo a couple of scenes.  Overall, they did a fantastic job.  All in all, this lesson was about 3x 50 minute periods.


Little Red Riding Hood play from AISB Grade 2 on Vimeo.


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