Creating a Spider Concept Map using Popplet lite

Lesson Two: Create a digital spider concept map for ‘Healthy Living’

Our Primary Years Program (PYP) unit in grade 2 right now is: Healthy Living.  The students are learning what the body needs to be well-balanced and how to make informed nutritional choices for maintaining good health.

For my large beginner and intermediate EAL class, I wanted them to create a concept map for the words, ‘Healthy Living’ using either pictures or text.

We started with a hardcopy first.  The task was to draw a box in the middle of plain paper and write the words, ‘Healthy Living’.  The students had to link up to five boxes with either pictures or words representing what ‘Healthy Living’ meant to them.  We generated ideas as a group and I wrote those on the whiteboard for the beginner EAL students.

The students then learned how to create this digitally using the iPads.  I choose a mapping application called Popplet Lite   as a platform for the students’ ideas.  They started with the center box and then joined five additional boxes.

I showed them how to type text, use the pencil to draw, change the size of the boxes and link the boxes to each other.  Several of the students figured out on their own how to change the color of the boxes and change the size of the text in each box.



Here are some of the finished spider maps:


This was a very successful 90 minute lesson.  Once the students understood the basics and were able to create boxes, link them to the central box and edit their work, they were extremely focused.  I liked the fact that the beginner EAL students could draw their ideas and others could add text.  It really showed those students who are only thinking of healthy living in terms of nutrition or exercise.

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