Welcome 2012-2013 teaching year!

It’s another year in the 2nd grade EAL classroom at the American International School of Bucharest.  New students, new home languages and injection of new ideas from having three months of summer.

The 10 iPads are now being used throughout the grade levels 1-5 for many interesting projects.  The first lesson introduced the various grade level classes to the rules and responsibilities when using the iPad, and each student was involved in creating the agreement and signing it.

The 2nd grade iPad agreement read something like this:

  • We will always have clean hands when using the iPad.
  • We will only use the iPad with permission from the teacher.
  • We will only use the iPad for school purposes.
  • We will hold the iPad with two hands and keep it on the desk unless instructed otherwise.
  • We will not change the settings on the iPad.
  • We will ask for help from a teacher when we have a problem with the iPad.
  • We will not add or delete anything on the iPad.
Many of the students have iPads at home.  When asked what they used them for, 90% of the students responded with, ‘play games’.  My main objective is to show them all the other tasks and activities that can be accomplished using the iPad.
Lesson one: Taking a photo and manipulating it.
The students used the Camera app, to take self-portraits and photos of each other.  
We then used PS Express, Adobe Photoshop Express to manipulate the photos.  The students were able to change the size, colors, brightness, add a border and other effects.  
Check out some of the examples below:











The students were very motivated by the lesson and I found the free PS Express app easy to use with all grade levels. The upper grades were more adventurous with their poses:









Even though there was lots of variety in what the students could do with their photos, many chose the rainbow effect, or the vivid effect.

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