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Non-Fiction Picture Books created with Book Creator

Fourth grades students completed their non-fiction unit last Friday.  They spent five weeks asking questions, researching, note-taking, drafting, revising and finally editing their picture books on Book Creator.  It was a lot of work and they were extremely proud of their finished ebooks in the end.

They shared a printed version of the ebook with their grade level – the celebration can be seen here.

Photos of their research:

Upon completion of their ebook, I printed out a copy for them (in color) for them to share with their classmates during the celebration.  Had we had plenty of iPads, I would have just given them an iPad to use to share their book.


The finished Non-Fiction books created with Book Creator.

Knowing that some students don’t have access to iPads at home, I uploaded a pdf version of their ebook into Issuu, so the book can still be read on-line.  Enjoy!


Non-Fiction Picture Book Celebration

Non-Fiction Picture Books from AISB EAL on Vimeo.

Grade 4 students chose a non-fiction topic to research, take notes, draft chapters and create a final e-book copy. Topics ranged from ‘Endangered Penguins’ to ‘The Brain’. During the celebration, all four fourth grade classes were mixed and groups of 4 were formed for students to share a chapter of two of their masterpieces.

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