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Aesop’s Fables

The fourth grade has just completed their Storytelling unit of inquiry.  The EAL students finished the unit by creating animated versions of an Aesop fable.  The objective was to build fluency and to better understand the purpose of a fable.

Using the book, You Read to Me and I’ll Read to You, the students worked in pairs to create an animated story of their chosen fable on the iPad.  The first lesson focused on choosing and saving images to the camera roll.  The second lesson focused on using the Puppet Pals app to create the digital story.  The third lesson focused on recording and reflecting on the process, which led to a second recording.

Following the first recordings, ss listened to and gave feedback about what worked, what wasn’t so good and what they could do next time.  They stated that what worked was: partner work, discovering more things about the iPad, choosing photos together, having a new way to tell a story, training their vocal chords, practice changing voice and gaining understanding of how to save images from the internet to the camera roll.  They felt they needed more practice reading the fable and having a quiet place to record.  Two of the students suggested having more time to practice and changing some of the words of the fable so that it was easier for them to read.

This led them to changing the words – substituting words they didn’t understand or couldn’t pronounce and shortening the stanzas.

We hope you enjoy the finished product!




Realistic Fiction Stories

Using puppets to tell their realistic fiction stories

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