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An Introduction to Another Culture: Thai

Grade 2 has started their fourth PYP unit of inquiry under How We Express Ourselves.  Our central idea is: People of all cultures express their ideas through different forms of art.  We are looking at characteristics of culture and the similarities and differences between different cultures.  I was lucky enough to have spent two years in Thailand, teaching English at a private language school and a public high school.  It is a country rich in culture – superstitions, beliefs, spirituality and numerous other aspects very different to that of the students.  I put together a short presentation on Thai culture, looking at education, food, religion, sports, amongst other things.

The students were fascinated, coming up with a variety of connections: My mom brought be back a little Buddha statue.  This reminds me of food carts in Turkey.  Mexican food is also spicy.  They also had a few questions, Why can’t girls do Muay Thai?  Do you think if girls have girl play-dates, they practice Muay Thai?  Do they cut the boys hair at school?  Why do they have their haircuts at school?  Do the teachers have to get hair cuts as well?

Here is the presentation.  Use the keyboard arrows to navigate through.  Right arrow moves to the next slide and up arrow zooms in.  Enjoy!


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