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FLAT PEOPLE: Group Photo

Flat People

We’ve just started our mapping unit and the students are learning about tools we use to locate places in the world and how we share that information with other people. A big focus is on directions and being able to understand, make and read a map.

A good literature connection is with Flat Stanley. This is an old children’s book from England about a little boy who gets squashed by his bulletin board in the middle of the night, and wakes up flat! All is not lost, he quickly learns to use his flatness to his advantage by sliding under doors, hiding in pictures and mailing himself to other countries.

There is a big project in the states where students make Flat Stanley’s out of paper and mail them to friends around the world.  Those friends them take pictures with Flat Stanley so the students can see all the adventures Flat Stanley went on.

We made these last year with the EAL kids and it was a big success.  One of my students, Pedro, gave me his person and I took ‘Flat Pedro’ with me to Italy.

Here are some of the photos:


This year’s flat people were even more wonderful!  I want them to take them on holiday with them and take photos of the adventures.  We can map where the different flat people went over the October break.  I know I’m taking Flat Sophia and Flat Meysoune to Croatia with me!




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