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Bug Poetry

Combining the poetry reading and writing units with the ‘Insect’ unit of inquiry, the second grade EAL students took on the role of an insect, mask included.  They choose their own mask, decorated it and engaged in the writing process by looking at adjectives in poetry (specific for insects), drafting their own poems from the point of view of an insect, and then editing and revising.  The final copy was written on special insect border paper.

I hope you enjoy the little insects:


Recording Poetry Recital with the iPads for instant feedback

The teaching point of this lesson was ‘Good poets change their poetry by changing their voice’.  I started the lesson with a couple of clips from Creature Comforts and If Animals Could Talk BBC to get them thinking about what animals would say, if they could talk. They wrote various poems from an insect’s or an animal’s point of view.  The iPads were used to film and then project so they could get instant feedback.


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