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Using iPads in the EAL classroom

Using iPads for an insect research activity

Recently, the EAL department received 10 new iPads through the Inspiration fund.  This fund was established at AISB to sponsor additional challenging and innovative academic programs.

Second grade has just started a new unit of inquiry: Insects.  As part of an insect research activity, I had the students use the enchanted learning website to answer specially designed quiz questions about insects.  Some of the students were familiar with the technology of the iPad (due to having them at home), but for some this was the first time using the touch screen interactive.  It was extremely motivating and encouraging to watch them working independently, searching for information through pictures and text, and transferring that knowledge to paper.

The next activity was for them to choose one insect they were especially interested in, read about it in depth, draw and label the insect on paper and then use that diagram to sketch it using a Draw app. on the iPad.  Again, it was extremely motivating for the students to get to the drawing activity using the technology, and forced them to be very detailed in their paper diagram.

Here are some of the drawings they created using the Draw Free on the iPad app.  One of the girls had an idea to take a picture of the paper drawing with the iPad, and then use that as a background for them to trace.  I think some of them turned out really well!

To inspire you…to explore somewhere new

Being an international teacher means that I get to travel a lot.  Here are some of my favorite photos from my work and travel around the world.

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